The Imperial Alano Club has been struggling financially for some time now. The reality is, if things do not change soon, the club will be forced to close sometime in the future.

But we must act now! All of us who have benefited from the clubs existence and have found a new life in recovery, can still do what they can to ensure that it remains open for many others in the years to come. Please visit our Go Fund Me page and do what you can.

The Imperial Alano Club is a non-profit organization and all donations are tax deductable.

About Us

The Imperial Alano Club started on Imperial Highway in a rented building on Imperial Highway and the charter was officially filed with the State of California on March 23, 1973. Although this is the official charter date, the motion to create this club started months before this. It is an awesome reminder to us that some of these meetings that began 30 years ago are still helping newcomers today. This schedule shows the Monday Men’s Stag, the Tuesday Beginners Meeting, the Wednesday Lucky 12, and many more are still the same. 

The Original charter was signed by the “First Directors” Constance Anderson of Whittier, Richard “Dick” Beutter of Norwalk, and Edward Pomeroy of Downey.   Bob and Steve Volpe agree that this property is actually 3 lots and Bob said he got 5 guys to put up $500 each for the first and then again for the second parking lots. Robert K. Wilson (Bob Wilson) put up $12,500 (Brownie was Bob Wilson’s Sponsor) towards the building which was purchased from the Veterans of Foreign Wars.   The 2 parking lots were obtained for $17,000 each. Bob got 5 guys to put up $500 each for the first and then again for the second parking lot. 

Steve negotiated all 3 deals and put his brokers fee toward the Closing Costs and other fees.

Steve also was very active in making sure the bills got paid and prayed a lot for this place. 

Steve V. is still an active businessman and although he moved with his family to Texas, still frequents Long Beach for business.  Uncle Ben and Al Johnson were responsible for club business for years.

The club room was the only room, the smaller meeting room was built soon after Steve Volpe is responsible for obtaining the Real Estate property at Rosecrans, and all 3 Lots.

The club is famous for its Holiday Marathon Meetings, Halloween dances, Easter Picnic and Ronnie O. Campout